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In late 2016, a feisty me launched a blog in response to the election and the extremely polarized political climate. It was clear that misinformation was more accessible than ever, that the major news stations seemingly no longer cared about their responsibility to the public. Revolt aimed to change this. Not only did I want to create a network of like-minded people who wanted to use their art to make statements, but I wanted to reject the idea that things are unchangeable. "Things have always been that way" was not a good enough answer for the injustices I saw happening, so I revolted. I started Revolt so that people wouldn't feel hopeless in their fight against establishments, to validate the people who felt unheard, and to educate readers on important issues by engaging them with storytelling. What first started as a political blog directed at fighting fake news, grew into a network of publications and advertisements with the same motivations in mind. Here at Revolt, we hope to encourage healthy political conversations, meaningful advertising, and the occasional controversial political cartoon.

What do you Revolt against? 

-Shelby Shoup


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