Fish Diaries: A Poem about Fashion and The Ocean

I am a fish - you are a fish 

Dolphins once walked on land, didn’t they? 

Were they always grey as your pocket square at the crest of the fish bowl at twilight? 

Or did they wear coveralls 

like your father the farmer ?

who sowed cotton for the town that no longer exists. 


I am a dress - you are a dress

once worn to a Ball in Atlantis at midnight

waterproof and on a quest 

to dance until our feet turned to fins - our sequins to scales

But we didn’t move fast enough, 

and had to come up for air.

I am the water - you are the water


Current as the wish you made on the penny you threw into the bank account.

When did dreams on dollar bills become catch and release? 

We’re not just building islands of plastic - but archipelagos of disposable fashion. 

I am your friend - you are my friend.

Can we pretend I didn’t start any of this? 

My siren song still sings for you. 

Written and Photos: @nomadic_madam
Lighting: @mill35_photo
Model: @opppperate
HMUA: @emgraymakeup
Wardrobe: @leahsclosetroyaloakvintage